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140 Furler St, Totowa, NJ 07512
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140 Furler St, Totowa, NJ 07512

Pet Grooming

Exclusive Pet Grooming Services

At Seven Star Pet Resort, we offer an exclusive Pet Grooming and Bathing package that only our pet guests can enjoy! Whether your cat or dog is here for a pet vacation, enrolled in our doggy daycare, or a senior pet in assisted living, they can receive the best pet grooming experience. When you sign your pet up for the Seven Star Grooming experience, your pet will be pampered as if they were sitting on a beach sipping a pet pina colada. That’s how luxurious and spoiled we treat your pet when we groom and bathe them.

Our Pet Grooming Package Includes:

  • Bath

    During the bathing process we will clean your pet in hard to reach places. We pay special attention to their ears and pads of their paws to ensure proper cleaning, but in a soothing way.

  • Brushing

    All pets receive a full brush out, no matter the length of their hair. Brushing is the best method for getting to the undercoat and clearing out damaged and loose hair. This helps to keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy. It also reduces shedding and odor.

  • Haircut

    Sometimes a brushing just won’t do the trick. That’s why our groomer gives your pet a haircut, which not only thoroughly cleans your pet’s coat, but also keeps them from looking shaggy and disheveled.

  • Massage

    During your cat or dog’s grooming, they will get to indulge in a deep body massage. Pet massages are known to reduce pain, increase energy levels, raises immune system, reduce stress, increase muscle tone, and improve blood circulation just to name a few!

  • Nail Trimming

    We know how hard it can be to trim your pet’s nails, as it can be nerve-wracking to the pet and the owner. Here at Seven Star Pet Resort our groomers are fully trained and experienced in trimming dog and cat nails. You and your pet won’t have to stress and can relax knowing your pet is well cared for in our hands.

  • Medical Grooming

    We know that sometimes regular grooming doesn’t work for all pets. We offer medical grooming for scared pets that need to be sedated, matted hair, and need inner ear plucking from chronic ear infections, and medicated baths for pets that have sensitive skin.

All pets that are signed up to receive our special grooming and bathing package are required to have all their vaccines up to date. This is to ensure the safety of your pet and our staff so that their stay with us is nothing but a treat! When you reserve lodging at our resort or daycare, you can trust that Seven Star Pet Resort makes the comfort and happiness of your pet our #1 priority, so your pet will have a relaxing and enjoyable stay!

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