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140 Furler St, Totowa, NJ 07512
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140 Furler St, Totowa, NJ 07512

Our Services

Pet Grooming & Medical Grooming

We offer pet grooming and bathing to your specifications. For instance, we like to know how often your pet gets bathed as well as what they do and don’t like. This is important to us as we want to keep as much of their normal routine as possible while they are not at home to try and retain some sense of normalcy. Not only will your pet get the attention they need, but they’ll be pampered during their pet vacation! We also are able to do medical grooming. This is when our on-site vet has to sedate your animal for one of many different reasons. Perhaps they are very scared of all of these new people, their fur could be very matted and we don’t want to hurt them. Sometimes we need to do inner ear plucking because of a chronic ear infection, which requires medical attention. We also offer medicated baths if for some reason we notice a skin condition or any other reason your pet may need a medical bath.

Dog & Cat Boarding

Your cat or dog is more than welcome to stay with us at our luxury pet resort for any length of time as we offer luxurious pet lodging so that any dog and cat can indulge and relax their paws in pet bliss! We also offer short term stays as well as long-term stays. Your cat or dog not only enjoys a glorious retreat, but you can sign them up for grooming while they’re visiting Seven Star Pet Resort. They’ll be sure to have special treatment and a pet vacation of their own! If your dog or cat has their birthday while they are staying at our luxury pet resort, we don’t want them to miss out! We offer wonderful birthday packages so that your pet can feel the love, even if they aren’t at home. Please note that if you are booking your dog or cat to stay with us, they need to have their vaccines done and up to date. We also have an on-site Veterinarian that is here around the clock for any medical needs your pet may have, so you feel at ease knowing your pet will be well cared for during their stay!

Doggy Daycare

At Seven Star Pet Resort, we go beyond boarding and offer Doggy Daycare from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening, every day of the week, all year round. We know the value in making sure your dog gets the attention they need. No one understands more than we do how hard it is to leave our pets at home, while we go to work and are gone most of the day. It can be traumatizing for some dogs to not have any interaction with their family for long periods of time. That’s why you can trust that when you enroll your puppy or dog in our doggy daycare, that they will be having the time of their life! Our pet professionals will play with them and give them special healthy treats to keep them feeling loved all day long!

Senior Pet Assisted Living

We are also one of the very few animal hotels that offer both short and long term assisted living for senior pets. This includes grooming and bathing, vaccines from our on-site vet, medical exams and dentistry if necessary and a lot of tender loving care. We know that leaving an older pet really pulls at your heartstrings as often they are in a very fragile state. We recognize that and so we like to keep in regular contact with you and update you on how your furry friend is doing to help put your mind at ease, even just a little bit.

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