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140 Furler St, Totowa, NJ 07512

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Cat Furniture – Luxury or Necessity?

Every noticed why cats seem to be more comfortable in the highest parts of the room where they can watch everything below? To figure out why it’s so important to have climbing options for your cat, first we need to understand why cats love to climb in the first place.   Why Does My Cat…
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Helping Your Dog Swim!

Helping your pup enjoy the water this summer can be a little harder than just letting them swim their energy away. Adjust Your Pup to the Water An important step to enjoying the water is first making sure your dog can enjoy the water. Some dogs take to the water just fine without any need…
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How To Help Your Dog Be Okay Alone

Is it okay if I leave my dog home alone? Especially for the working house, it is important to know how to leave your dog at home and for your dog to know they may be home alone occassionally so that they can simultaneously be happy, healthy, and not develop destructive house manners. Here are…
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Boarding Your Senior Dog

Do I need to board my senior dog? Not necessarily! If you have family or friends that have experience taking care of them, then having them dog-sit or board them will work just as well! However, if you find yourself short on options for accommodating your senior dog during turbulent travel, then finding a dog…
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