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Take a Walk!

Take your dog for a walk

The Advantage of Walking Your Dog Walking your dog has many benefits to offer. Not only does it benefit the dog, it brings results to the one walking the dog. Studies have proven that walking your dog 30 minutes three times a weekhas great health rewards. Not only can the dog’s weight be lowered by…

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Cat Furniture – Luxury or Necessity?

cat in cat tree

Ever wondered why cats seem to be more comfortable in the highest parts of the room where they can watch everything below? To figure out why it’s so important to have climbing options for your cat, first we need to understand why cats love to climb in the first place. Why Does My Cat Like…

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How To Help Your Dog Be Okay Alone

Is it okay if I leave my dog home alone? Especially for the working house, it is important to know how to leave your dog at home and for your dog to know they may be home alone occassionally so that they can simultaneously be happy, healthy, and not develop destructive house manners. Here are…

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Helping Your Dog Swim!

An older dog enjoys a day on the lake.

Helping your pup enjoy the water this summer can be a little harder than just letting them swim their energy away. Adjust Your Pup to the Water An important step to enjoying the water is first making sure your dog can enjoy the water. Some dogs take to the water just fine without any need…

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Boarding Your Senior Dog

Do I need to board my senior dog? Not necessarily! If you have family or friends that have experience taking care of them, then having them dog-sit or board them will work just as well! However, if you find yourself short on options for accommodating your senior dog during turbulent travel, then finding a dog…

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Socialize Your Pup

Why should I Socialize my Dog? Helping your pup mingle can do more for them than just being comfortable with your family and neighbors. Comfort is an important part of socializing your pup. But the most important part is for them to have and cause as little stress as possible when leaving the house or…

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Why Grooming Is Important For Your Fur Family

Beautiful shih-tzu at the groomer's hands

Regular grooming and bathing are essential to keeping your love-bug healthy and comfortable. Helping your pet maintain hygiene by preventing excessive shedding, skin irritations, and hurtful matting can be difficult to balance with a busy schedule, but in these scenarios, you can often find veterinarians, doggy daycares, or pet groom shops to get your pup…

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When Is The Right Time for Dog Boarding?

Tired after a long day of play

When and Why to Board Your Dog Separation anxiety is estimated to affect a little more than a tenth of all dogs and is most often triggered by being separated from the ones they consider their family members. This anxiety typically manifests in frequent urination and defecation in the house, an unusually-destructive behavior with furniture…

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5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare

When it comes to providing your four-legged family with careful attention, no one is going to be able to love them quite like you and your family do.  So it’s natural to be concerned about finding them trustworthy caretakers who can look after them during those times when you’re not available. Steps To Finding a…

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