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Take a Walk!

The Advantage of Walking Your Dog

Take your dog for a walk

Walking your dog has many benefits to offer. Not only does it benefit the dog, it brings results to the one walking the dog. Studies have proven that walking your dog 30 minutes three times a weekhas great health rewards. Not only can the dog’s weight be lowered by 15%, the one walking the dog can lower their weight by 5%.  Another added benefit is that it can lower your blood pressure.

Another benefit of dog walks is the bonding that occurs. Taking your pooch on a walk is good for your socialization as well as the pet’s social skills.

Walks are notorious for mental clarity and what better way to accomplish this than with your furry pet?  Your dog is getting the exercise it needs and you are getting your mind cleared.  A dog that doesn’t get exercise can become bored and destructive around the house. Chewing up furniture, tearing up their crate, or destroying things around the house is sign that your dog could be bored or lonely.

When going on walks with your dog, always make sure you have a doggy bag with you. Clean up any messes that your dog may make. If your pet is not used to other animals, it may be in your best interest to walk where there is less traffic at first. Then once your dog is use to being out and about, you can introduce them to more trafficked areas.

Dogs liked to be walked daily. A more active dog can require more. The breed/age of your dog can determine how strenuous and long the walks are you do with your pet.

Walking your dog is just one way to keep your pet healthy. Regular visits at your vet is another one as well.

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