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Cat Furniture – Luxury or Necessity?

cat in cat tree

Cats Need to Climb

Ever wondered why cats seem to be more comfortable in the highest parts of the room where they can watch everything below? To figure out why it’s so important to have climbing options for your cat, first we need to understand why cats love to climb in the first place.

Why Does My Cat Like To Climb?

Cats are tree-climbing mammals that descended fro Proailurus, the first true cat. These early cats were hunters and many lived in the rain forests. With claws to allow them to easily climb into trees to escape predators or to wait for prey, climbing was essential for survival. This desire and ability to climb became an intrinsic part of their make-up. Because good climbers lived to breed and raise kittens, the ability and desire to climb grew stronger with each generation.

Benefits Cats Receive From Climbing

Climbing is not only great for your kitten to learn to perfect his balance, grow his muscles and maintain his flexibility, but it’s also fun for him! It’s wonderful exercise and being able to climb to an elevated spot allows your cat to relax and rest in a stress-free environment because he feels safe and secure. I think everyone can agree that the most we can want for our cats is to be be healthy and happy and to feel relaxed, secure and rested.

How to Encourage Safe Climbing

We understand that climbing is normal and desired behavior for cats, but how do you safely discourage her from climbing the curtains, your counters, sitting on the armoir etc? You can accomplish all of these by providing fun and enriching ways for your cat to climb. We have seen amazing sturdy multi-perch cat trees, wide staggered wall shelves, support beams wrapped in sisal rope, room entryway corners wrapped in carpeting from floor to ceiling with or without a shelf for jumping to and resting near the top, and many other ideas. For your senior cat, you can even do DIY multi-level cat towers with plastic tubs.

When you need someone to board your cat while you’re on vacation, or if you feel your kitty would benefit from having more room to exercise and play, give us a call to see about our Cat Hotel or Cat Boarding with on-site veterinarian and grooming facility! If you have questions about how to create an enriching and stimulating living area for your cat,  your veterinarian may have even more ideas.

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