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How To Help Your Dog Be Okay Alone

Is it okay if I leave my dog home alone?

Especially for the working house, it is important to know how to leave your dog at home and for your dog to know they may be home alone occassionally so that they can simultaneously be happy, healthy, and not develop destructive house manners. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your pet happy while teaching them to cope while you’re away.

A dog rests quietly on a pillow on the floor.

Tiring your pup out early in the day can reduce their energy and help them relax when you leave.

  • Teach your dog that you will come back after you leave. As early as you can, putting your dog in situations that help them to understand you’re not gone forever. One easy way to do this is leaving your pup alone for couple minutes at a time before returning, and then extending the time as your dog learns to cope and lessen the chance they’ll develop anxiety.
  • Find a way to burn your pup’s energy. Taking them to the dog park, or for a walk, or equivalent exercise can improve their behavior while they’re by themselves.
  • Instead of the traditional food bowl, try using a food-dispensing toy to ensure they simultaneously get food and can use whatever energy they have left until you get home.
  • Leave them another means of distraction, like a preferred toy. Taking your dog into appropriate pet stores and letting them browse until they find something they love can give your love-bug plenty of joy and occupation on those days where you’re away.
  • Spend time with them when you get back. Letting them burn off social and physical energy will help reduce their anxiety for the next times.

You can also always let your pup stay in a doggy daycare if you think you’ll be too busy that day!

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