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Helping Your Dog Swim!

Helping your pup enjoy the water this summer can be a little harder than just letting them swim their energy away.

Adjust Your Pup to the Water

An important step to enjoying the water is first making sure your dog can enjoy the water. Some dogs take to the water just fine without any need for assistance, but others can have an anxious reaction to it. In the case of more open bodies of water like lakes, they may even feel like the water is attacking them and will not be able to relax. It’s best for your dog to get some exposure to the water before getting them in deeper water.

Paying attention to your dog’s specific needs in the water can help them have the best time.

Watch Them!

Some dogs may love the water so much that they do not pay attention to their own energy levels. This can be especially dangerous if it’s one of their first experiences with swimming, so they’re using muscles and an activity that they don’t normally use to make themselves that much more tired. Be sure to keep an eye on your pup to let them know when is a good time for a rest.

Swimming is a great exercise that’s also very fun!

Wash them off After!

If your dog goes through the pool, the chlorine can irritate their skin and mat their fur. And if they swim through some lakes or creeks, they may soak up some of the local algae into their fur. It’s best to take them for a quick shower afterwards to make sure their coat stays healthy and comfortable. If you have any concerns about how your pup’s water fun has affected their coat, you can always contact a professional groomer.

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