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Boarding Your Senior Dog

Do I need to board my senior dog?

Not necessarily! If you have family or friends that have experience taking care of them, then having them dog-sit or board them will work just as well! However, if you find yourself short on options for accommodating your senior dog during turbulent travel, then finding a dog hotel that can function as a temporary home is probably for the best. It is important that they have people experienced with senior dog care available. It is vital they have interaction and don’t fall into boredom. You want someone to give them the special attention they need so that you can relax.  Older dogs can often have special needs for accommodation in comparison to young pups, so it’s not uncommon that simply leaving them at home with food and water won’t do the trick anymore. .

A stocky dachshund walks a pier in front of a sunset.

Finding your four-legged family a home while you’re away from home.

What should I look for when boarding my senior dog?

Finding a temporary home for your senior dog can be challenging and tedious (but worth it!), so here are a few things you can look for finding a means of boarding that will ensure they’re well taken care of while you’re taking care of life.

  • A hotel that has access to or is in close proximity of a veterinarian
  • A carefully trained staff that can offer them grooming, including medical grooming
  • A facility who’s grounds offer them more than just a safe space while you’re away, but also a means of interaction with other dogs (should they choose) and exercise
  • Quality food and amenability to special food for your seasoned love-bug
  • Appropriate bedding and area where they can rest after exercising

Ideally, you would want to find a hotel that has a veterinarian on-site as both a precaution and a preventative means of making sure your dog gets all the care and happiness they deserve while you’re away. As you know, older dogs can sometimes need a bit more specialized care and attention than when they were pups, so finding the right people and place to take care of your dog is very important.

An older dog enjoys a day on the lake.

Finding the right people and place to take care of your dog is very important.

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