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Why Grooming Is Important For Your Fur Family

Regular grooming and bathing are essential to keeping your love-bug healthy and comfortable. Helping your pet maintain hygiene by preventing excessive shedding, skin irritations, and hurtful matting can be difficult to balance with a busy schedule, but in these scenarios, you can often find veterinarians, doggy daycares, or pet groom shops to get your pup or kitty the care they deserve.

Grooming Is Important For Your Pet

Regular grooming and bathing are essential to keeping your love-bug healthy and comfortable.

What is a medical bath, and why does my pet need one?

A medical bath is a careful washing with prescription products that typically help heal and control itchy skin from a variety of health problems such as a skin infection, overly oily skin and fur, parasite infections, and yeast. If your pet has any of the problems listed, a veterinarian can prescribe appropriate medicinal shampoos and other products to help relieve your pet’s symptoms.

 If my fur-family doesn’t need a medical bath, what type of grooming does my pet need, and how often?

Sometimes your fur-baby’s hygienic needs can be more complicated than a simple haircut (but a haircut is still very important!) Thorough baths to help your pet clean hard-to-reach places such as their ears and the pads of their paws are not only often relaxing for them, but also helpful in preventing rashes and other skin problems. Brushing your pet should also be a priority, no matter the length of their hair; unbrushed hair can quickly lead to a deteriorated, unhealthy coat and odor. Pet massages can also help your pet keep a strong immune system, low stress levels, and healthy blood circulation. Their nails should also be tended to on a regular basis to prevent painful ingrown nails and self-inflicted cuts. To protect their ears, they may also need inner ear plucking from chronic infections. All of this can be a lot to do while simultaneously managing the distracting aspects of life. That’s why it is usually best to find qualified professionals to help you care for your pet’s grooming.

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