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When Is The Right Time for Dog Boarding?

When and Why to Board Your Dog

Separation anxiety is estimated to affect a little more than a tenth of all dogs and is most often triggered by being separated from the ones they consider their family members. This anxiety typically manifests in frequent urination and defecation in the house, an unusually-destructive behavior with furniture and settings around the house, and nervous behavior when left alone. If you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, then you know how traumatic its effects can be. When you encounter those situations and circumstances in your busy life that force you to have to be away from your pooch  for a considerable time, it is best to leave them either with someone they’re familiar with and get along with who can help give them the opportunity to burn off some of that nervous energy while you’re away.

Look for a high-quality doggy hotel to help you take care of your pup while you’re away from home, offering them plenty of exercise and social interaction with an experience catered to them specifically, to ensure they have the best possible time.

Have a senior pet that needs special attention when you can’t be with him or her? Seven Star Pet Resort and Spa  is one of the very few pet boarding houses that offers both short and long-term assisted living for senior pets. From grooming and bathing, vaccines from our on-site veterinarian, medical exams and dentistry if necessary, to the careful attention of our high-quality staff, our mission is to provide a safe and loving environment for your four-legged family. We understand the stress of leaving an older dog by themselves and will work to relieve your worry by keeping in regular contact with you by updating you on how your dog is doing.

Our well-trained staff is complemented with an on-site veterinarian, so while you’re soaking up the sun or sealing the deal, you can rest easy knowing that your furbaby is in the hands of more than just care providers, they’re in the hands of capable, dedicated personnel who are prepared for the unexpected complications of canine and feline life. We offer both long-term and short-term stays for cats and dogs, with an experience that gives them a getaway while you’re away! Due to the high degree of effort put into caring for your pets, we ask that all dogs and cats have their vaccines finished and up to date before beginning their stay with us.

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