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140 Furler St, Totowa, NJ 07512

Cat Hotel

Taking care of your cat while you are on vacation can be stressful, this means finding a reputable cat hotel. A quality cat resort will supply so much more than just the basics of food, water, and safety. Seven Star Pet Resort offers a full selection of care options. This includes complete grooming services. We also offer medical grooming for cats that suffer from anxiety during the grooming process. We know how important your cat is and that’s why we paired your pet's stay with us with veterinary care. Your cat will receive the seven-star treatment while they’re our guest!

We offer the following luxurious amenities during your pet’s stay:

Cat Hotel

When you book a reservation with us, you’re not just boarding your cat! You’re treating them to a cat hotel that is luxurious and pampers them at every moment. They’ll receive lots of love and care from our expert staff, as well as nutritional food and play sessions. Your cat is guaranteed to get the best of the best when they stay at our cat hotel!

On-site Cat Veterinarian

Seven Star Pet Resort has an on-site cat veterinarian to provide medical grooming as well as exams and vaccinations. You can relax knowing that your pet’s medical needs will be addressed by our own staff immediately, rather than requiring a frantic dash to the closest vet like some "cat boarding" places need to do.

Senior Cat Assisted Living

Peace of mind is particularly hard to find with cat hotels if your pet needs senior cat assisted living care. At Seven Star Pet Resort, we understand the needs of older cats and have the resources to properly provide everything they need. Our on-site veterinarian can conduct medical exams as well as administer any necessary medications. We know that senior cat grooming is different from regular grooming services, and can meet your pet's individual needs.

Cat Dental Exams

Our cat veterinarian also provides dental care at our cat hotel. Eighty-five percent of cats over the age of six suffer from a periodontal disease that can cause tooth loss if not treated properly. This means even attentive cat owners might be unaware that their pet has a serious dental problem that must be addressed.  Our cat veterinarian will examine your cat’s teeth and make sure they’re in good condition!

Why choose Seven Star Pet Resort?

Seven Star Pet Resort can address all of these needs, not only because we are aware of them, but because we are fully equipped and staffed. We pay special attention to detail for the entire time your precious pet is with us. We are the highest rated cat hotel in the North New Jersey area!